Great briefs lead to great work.

We can help you write them.

Creative briefs are a bit like sausages: use bad ingredients, or a dodgy recipe, you'll end up with a bad banger. Same goes for a brief: what you put in is what you’ll get out. And sometimes the most important thing about writing a brief is knowing what to leave out. 


Brief Therapy is purpose-built to help you get the recipe right. We'll coach you to write briefs that generate great work. We'll help you evaluate that work and give useful feedback to your creative teams too. We'll help you understand what great work looks like and why you should want it.

(Hint: it works better).



Our brief-writing experts are some of the very best marketers, strategists and creatives in the business.

In addition to the main team, we also have access to all our experts in the Business Marketing Academy. Meet the main players: Gillian, Mosidi and Steph.

Gillian Rightford
Gillian Rightford

Gillian is a walking, talking advertising expert. Following a career of way too many years in the adbiz to mention, she has written extensively, lectured, developed training courses on creative effectiveness and briefwriting for some of the biggest brands in the world.

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Mosidi Seretlo
Mosidi Seretlo

Mosidi is a marketer extraordinaire. She worked for Unilever in SA and the US, for Diageo, was GM for Hansa for SABMiller and head of brand for Vodacom. She knows her stuff and she can write a mean brief.

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Stephanie Safari
Stephanie Safari

Stephanie is an incredible strategic planner. And Im not saying that lightly. The best ever. She worked for Ogilvy, Wieden & Kennedy and became global planner for AMV in London. Her planning tools and experience and knowing where and how to dig for gold will help you enormously.

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The brief is technically an "ad for an ad". It must be motivating to its audience - the creative team - and it must inspire the best possible result. 

The problem today is everyone works with a template which they just fill in quickly before lunch. Templates are only as good as their content. Templates keep changing because they don't seem to be "working". What doesn't change is the need to ask - and answer - the right questions, no matter the format.

The bottom line is this - creative work is more effective in driving larger and long term business results, it is more predictable in creating the results you want. Read The Case for Creativity if you need more justification. The research is unanimous. Creative work works better than mediocre work. 

And the brief is an essential ingredient in getting great work.

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